Thursday, January 21, 2010

Up to date!

So, yesterday it dawned on me that I still have this blog spot and had totally forgotten about it! So, in my feeble attempt to keep it updated, I have done my best to highlight this last year. Hope you enjoy seeing how God has been so good to us. We are truly blessed!

Prince Edward Island

We had a meeting in Moncton, New Brunswick, just about an hour west of PEI, so of course, we had to take a day trip to see it. The only sad part was that my sister-n-law, Amy, and her three girls were not able to be there. Amy was in Kansas City after giving birth to Morgan...our sweet, newest little niece! We tried to keep Mark cheered up. He and Amy honeymooned at PEI! :(

Anyway, it was very windy and cold, but at least it was clear and sunny. A beautiful place to visit!

We visited the house of L.M. Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables

Our two little kindred spirits!

We visited the Anne of Green Gables store!

Loved these Anne braids for dress up...just didn't love them enough to pay $16 for each of them!

The classic shores of the island.

McKenna tried not to look cold for this picture, but I think a big gust of wind came just as I took the pic!

The Dalvay by the pretty!

Happy 10th Birthday, Micah!

This year, for the second year in a row, we celebrated Micah's birthday in Canada! This fall, he chose to start cheering for the Patriots, so he asked for a Patriots birthday. It pained the heart of his father, but alas, we decorated our trailer with Patriots stuff!

For each kids' birthday, we take the day off school and have a family fun day. We started out the day by visiting the New Brunswick Museum. Here is the moose the kids named Jackson.

At the famous Reversing Falls in St John, NB. We were right by the Bay of Fundy, which has the highest tides in the world. So when the tide is going back out, Reversing Falls is created by the whirlpool of water caused by the outgoing water meeting the incoming. Amazing!

The four kids overlooking Reversing Falls

Malachi wore Chiefs stuff to revolt against his brother's Patriots day!

This week we were at church with Pastor Hunter and his family. They invited us to have a bonfire out on the beach before church. It was fascinating to walk way out while the tide was out, and then to watch it slowly creep back in. The Hunters are sweet friends!

Daddy takes the kids out for a date on their birthdays after church!

Our divided family! Happy Birthday, Micah!!

Nubble Lighthouse

We were able to visit Nubble Lighthouse in Maine this fall. It was so pretty and the weather was great! What a fun day to climb on the rocks and enjoy the beautiful scenery!



We saw this man getting ready to kayak out into the ocean to go scuba diving. It was fun to watch him!

Micah and Malachi


Walking the Freedom Trail

In September we were in the state of Massachussetts, near Boston, so we decided to take the kids to walk the Freedom Trail. It was so good for the kids to see things in person that we have studied in Heritage Studies. The walk is over 2 miles and the kids did a great job keeping up. I am so thankful for opportunities like these!

At the visitor's center, getting ready to walk, walk, walk!

Outside the Massachussetts State Building

At the grave of Paul Revere

As we were walking along, we saw these guys dressed up in Colonial gear and stopped to get the kids' picture with them. Afterwards we found out that they were waiting to be filmed in an ESPN video for Visa. They thanked us for stopping to take a picture anyway! Funny!

Outside Paul Revere's house

The monument at Bunker Hill. We climbed the stairs to the top of it. It was exhausting but a beautiful view at the top!

After a long day of walking, here they are waiting to get on the ferry that would take us back to where we started.

Fun day in Boston!

Myrtle Beach Vacation

The six of us went on vacation at Myrtle Beach back in August. It was the first vacation we had taken on our own in four years! We stayed at the Lawson's condo in North Myrtle Beach. It was extremely relaxing and fun!

Outside Anchor Baptist Church on Sunday morning

Poor Malachi! He broke his arm two weeks before vacation. However, it did not slow him down a bit. We just kept a few trash bags and rubberbands on it to keep the water out. He had a blast!

Our first day of many out to the beach!

On the steps of the Lawson's condo

After church Sunday morning, we went out to eat with the Lawsons. We dearly love them! They enjoyed seeing Michala, whose middle name is Deneen...the Lawson's daughter! This day was also Michala's 7th birthday.

After church Sunday night, we took the kids out to play putt putt.

One night we went bowling. Malachi was excited to use the little kiddy ramp!

Another night of putt putt

Here's how we were able to commute from the condo to the beach!

They loved the ocean!

Burying Daddy in the sand!

One of the things loved the most was having their own rooms! Since we live in an RV, they don't get to spread out very often. Here's Malachi in his big bed!

The girls still got to share the "flip flop" room

So long to Sandals at the Beach! Thanks for a wonderful week!