Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Our Trip to North Carolina

This last week, Daddy spoke at Junior Boot Camp
(JBC) at the Wilds. Normally he only takes one or
two kids with him, but this year we decided to go
as a family. We drove a straight 14 hours from
Southland Christian Camp in Louisiana. It was well
worth the drive...after all, we are very accustomed
to spending hours in a moving vehicle!!

We got to spend a whole week with Uncle Matt,
Aunt Julie, Sarah, Nathan, Abbie, Annie, and
Jonathan. We made so many memories! We are
thankful that God made it possible for us to go visit
The Wilds during the summer. Mommy and Daddy
talk about their good ole' days working there. Now
we kinda know what they are talking about!

Here we all are watching fun time down in the Activity Center. Before this, we went to JBC funtime, and then afterwards, we went outside with the teenagers to eat pizza! It was a late night, but we had so much fun!

We kids had so much fun hanging out together every day. We are so thankful for an incredible

Here's Michala, Abbie, McKenna and Annie. It is so fun to be together again!

Getting ready to go on our hike to 2nd Falls.

Our two families took a hike to the 2nd Falls. The water was freezing but it was so fun!

"Junior Boot Camp is the place for me!"

Malachi loved going down the superslide!

We had a great time just being together this week. Here we are at the JBC carnival.

Look at our muscles!

Micah, Malachi, Nathan and Sarah at the 4th Falls.

Our favorite boys in the whole wide world!

The kids enjoyed the climbing wall at JBC.

Oh Deer!

Michala and Daddy holding the fawn.
A couple of weeks ago, a camper found this baby
fawn here at Southland. Not knowing that the
mother was probably near by, the camper picked
it up and brought it down to camp. If the scent
of a human is on the fawn, the mother will not take
care of it; so our program director called the warden
to come pick it up and take care of it. Here we are
waiting for him to come. This little thing was probably
so scared, but we really enjoyed holding Bambi!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Nana and Our Cousins Are Here!

This past Saturday we were expecting Mark, Amy, and the girls to arrive at Southland. Mark is the speaker here the next two weeks. Well, when they arrived, there was a fifth person the kids were not expecting to see...NANA! She surprised them and rode in the big red truck to come spend some time with us. Here they are having a picnic in our trailer while Mark got his parked and settled. We are SO glad to be together again!

We all went in to town for church on Sunday. Here we are with Nana outside the church. It was so fun to have Megan and Madison in our class today!

For Sunday lunch, we went out with Grandpa and Gigi Stokes...Nana's parents. We have really enjoyed spending the last 5 summers with them here at Southland. We are especially sad this summer...they are moving to Kansas City to live with Nana and Papa. We will miss you so much, Gigi and Grandpa!

This summer, Micah and Malachi are the only two boy camp kids. They have adjusted well to being in the company of so many girls!!

McKenna, Madison, and Michala had so much fun while they were waiting for their dinner!

After church Sunday night, we went out to McAlister's with our Gustafson friends...Emma, Ann, Abigail and Erin.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Here we are waiting for the fireworks to start.

Mommy and her boys!

Michala loved doing the sparklers!

McKenna really enjoyed having pizza and pop
so late at night!!

Daddy and Malachi at the dining hall.

Maggie's first year to enjoy fireworks.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 4th!