Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

I trust you all had a great Thanksgiving yesterday. We certainly enjoyed ours. We spent the afternoon with my mom and side of the family and then the evening with the Herbsters. We had a great day praising the Lord for all He is to us and all He has blessed us with. We truly are grateful for His love and provision.

Unfortunately, I have no pics to post today. Mike left early this morning for his missions trip to Japan. Obviously, he needed to take the camera with him; therefore, I have no pictures to share! No doubt when he gets back I will have many to post.

We would appreciate your prayers while he is away. This is the longest trip he has taken and the longest we've been apart. He'll be gone 18 days! Yikes! We know he is doing what God has called him to do, but it is always so difficult to say goodbye! Part of me is glad that the anticipation of this day is over and now we can focus on counting down the days! Right now he is somewhere over the Pacific, expecting to arrive in Tokyo around 1:30am our time. I know Mark is going to try to post pics on our website if you're interested in keeping up with them. You can see them at

Please pray for his safety and for many souls to be reached as a result of this trip. We can't wait to hear what God does! Also, if any of you have any magic potient for a mother-of-four-keeping-the-kids-24/7-for-18-days, let me know. I might order a case from you! :) Just kidding...we are having fun and are looking forward to making many memories!

Now that the hustle and bustle has officially started, I wish you a Merry Christmas Season!

Enjoy your day!