Friday, January 2, 2009

Our Snow Angels

This last Saturday was the big weekend for our girls to be flower girls for the very first time. Joe Fant and Becky Farrell asked them to be in their wedding and for Mike and I to do some music as well...we had such a great time! The Farrells have been dear friends for years and we were honored to be a part of Becky's special day! She decorated the church to look like a winter wonderland, so she wanted to girls to be dressed like snow angels. They LOVED every minute!

Here they are at the rehearsal, practicing sitting on their park bench.

They were so excited that Patch the Pirate was going to be in the wedding as well. They couldn't believe that Daddy got to sing with Patch!

McKenna getting ready!

This was like playing dress up all day long!

All the girls with the bride!

Becky, McKenna and Michala

The girls with Mr. Joe. They absolutely adore him!

But here's their favorite man in all the world! Daddy loves his girls. Every time Mike would look at Bro. Farrell and see the look in his eyes, he would tear up thinking about what it must be like to give your little girl away. Bro. Farrell married Joe and Becky and did a remarkable job keeping it together. We told him if he got choked up, it would all be over for all of us!

All the kids with Patch.

Becky and Joe had the reception at the Grand Ballroom at the Hilton hotel. It was beautiful!

The girls with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Fant!

So long, you guys! They drove away in Pop Farrell's F350. After they left, he said, "That guy not only took my baby girl, he took my TRUCK!" Thanks for a fun weekend, Joe and Becky!

Our Trip to Cancun

Back in early November, Mike informed me that for my birthday, our 12th anniversary, and Christmas, he was going to take me on a long weekend getaway. We had some airline vouchers we needed to use up by January, so it made perfect sense to go away for a few days!! :) So, we decided that we wanted to go somewhere WARM!!! and we decided that Cancun would be the place. After much research on Mike's part, he found a brand new All-Inclusive Resort that just opened in late November and they were running a steal-of-a-deal for early December. It was perfect!

Here's Mike in the airport trying to blend in with the culture.

We're on the way!

The place we stayed was right on the ocean and it was about 20 miles south of the heavily-populated resort areas so it was very secluded, quiet, and private. Our goal on this trip was not to sight-see every day, but to simply stay there, get lots of sun, read, and just relax! There was no need to leave. The food was served around the clock, Mike had more Diet Pepsi's than you can imagine, and the service was incredible. This is the way to go!

Oh, yes...they had ice cream machines stationed at different locations at the resort so Mike got his fill of them as well. Good thing we took advantage of the gym every day!
Behind Mike here is our room.

One morning it was a little rainy so we decided to go to Playa Del Carmen to shop for souveniers. We were looking for a bracelet for me and met this guy. After talking to him - very complicated...he spoke Mayan, we don't speak much Spanish...we found out that he had just been saved 4 months ago, attended a Baptist church there, and was getting baptized in the ocean that following Sunday. He showed us his Bible and pictures of his family. His name is Miguel...Michael in English. He was so excited to meet a Christian brother where the Bible transcends any language barrier. Needless to say, we bought the bracelet from him!

Mike even found the Starbucks! (Actually, the reason we stopped there was to use the restroom. All the other shops and restaurants wouldn't let you use theirs unless you bought something!!)

Taking pics like this quickly reminded me that we usually spend all our time taking pics of the kids!!

How's this for a Herbster-sized car?!! Oh my, there's a long story behind this one, but I'll spare you the details. All I can say is that this was a true Mexican experience getting this!

At the resort, snorkeling, kayaking, windsailing, and beach activities were offered daily. Mike enjoyed playing beach volleyball. He had a great opportunity to share the Gospel with one of the activities' coordinators there. His name was Daniel and he was very open to the truths of the Bible.

The food at the resort was incredible and the options were extremely healthy. We had to schedule our dinners and we were able to choose Mexican, Asian, Italian, International, or the buffet. Here we are the night we ate at the Asian restaurant. It was interesting eating Asian cuisine served by a Mexican waiter!!

One of the pools. The water was freezing so I was happy to stay on my lounge chair and soak up the sun!

This place was so beautiful!

This is the view from our balcony of the garden, the pools, and the ocean. Thank you, honey, for an incredible trip!! (When are we going again???!!!!)

Happy Herbster Holidays

After a full fall of traveling, we settled down in Kansas City to be with family for a month. We had a great time staying in one place and having lots of fun with our cousins! Nana and Papa always make our time at home so special and full of great memories.

Nana gave all the girls dolls for Christmas this year. She made her master bedroom into "Nana's Nursery" and each girl got to go in and choose the baby they wanted. Our girls LOVED picking out their baby, naming it, and then all the girls played nursery all day. Great idea, Nana!!!

Christmas breakfast at Nana's.

McKenna sat with Grandpa and Gigi Stokes while opening gifts. She is Gigi's girl!

Nana and Papa's 11 favorite Christmas gifts!

Every Thanksgiving evening, Nana gives the kids their Christmas jammies.

Thanksgiving around Papa and Nana's table. This is the first time in three years that we have all been together for Thanksgiving. Nana did a great job decorating and preparing this huge feast!!

After Papa read from the Bible, we went around the table and praised the Lord for one special thing from this year. He has truly loaded us with benefits!