Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Malachi's 8th Birthday

It seems that Malachi's birthday lands on family vacation almost every year! He loves it! He loves vacation, he loves being off of school, and he loves being with his cousins and family. I think we figured out that this was his third Disney Vacation birthday...and he's only 8!

Here he is with all his he got money from Papa and Nana, and a Dick's Sporting Goods gift card from Grammy!

Getting ready to open all the gifts!

This year he asked for a Kansas Jayhawk birthday party. It was so fun to shop around for all the decorations!

Eating pizza right before eating birthday cake. Oh well, what are vacations and parties for!?!

The week before his birthday, we were at a church in Tampa, Florida, and I found a Walmart Bakery nearby. I took Malachi's visor in to the lady and asked her if she could make him the jayhawk in a cupcake cake. I was blown away when I picked this up...she did an amazing job!!!

Happy birthday, Malachi!!!


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