Thursday, January 21, 2010

Surprise, Michala!

At the end of the summer, we had to drive over to Greenville, SC, for Mike to preach at a school camp. Since we had to drive right through Atlanta, we decided to surprise Michala for her 7th birthday and take her to the American Girl Boutique. She received some money for her birthday and we told her she could use it to pick out her own American Girl doll at the store!

Here is the look on her face when she saw where we were! She was so excited!

Okay, so I took this picture at the very beginning, showing that she had to decide which doll she wanted. If I had only known how ironic this would be. She had the most terrible time deciding which doll to get. We were in the store for an hour and a half choosing! I was trying so hard to stay sweet and patient, wanting to make it a good experience for her, but it was rather trying! :(

Ultimately, after much debate and trying to help her decide which one would be best, she chose Felicity.

What a fun present for her! (Next time, I might just order online! JK!)

We went up to the Wilds to spend time with cousins and they threw her a special birthday party! It was so sweet and fun.

At Uncle Matt and Aunt Julie's house!

Here are all the cousins...Nana and Papa were sad to be the only ones missing! :(

Michala and Abbie

Megan and Madison gave Michala an adorable lap desk!

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