Thursday, January 21, 2010

Micah's First Week of Camp

This last summer was Micah's first time to be a camper at Southland. He had so much fun. Ben Farrell was the speaker and the kids from Tri-City came down so he was able to room with Andrew Ahrens. It was hard to let him go to camp...a quarter of a mile away! :) I can't imagine sending him on a bus hours and hours away. I am so thankful that he was close by!

Here he is practicing with the camper choir to sing in the Friday night service.

Playing Timber Tug

Getting his food at the picnic lunch after Lake Games

Malachi, Andrew, and Micah at Lake Games.

Eating down at camp

Team meetings after a game

Micah and his counselor, Andrew Bailes

Good buddies, good times!

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