Thursday, January 21, 2010

Malachi's first broken bone!

In August, Mom and Dad Herbster came down to Southland to stay with the kids for five days while Mike and I went away. Mom, Dad, and the kids dropped us off at the airport...only for us to find out that our flight had been cancelled, so we had to cancel our getaway! Boohoo!! It was so sad! But....

The next day, while Mike and I were in town, trying to have a date, Dad Herbster called to tell us that Malachi had broken his arm at the pool. So we met them at the ER and Malachi had to have his wrist reset. It was so sad. I was thankful that I was not out of town at that point!

So, I went from going on a getaway with my husband to caring for a little boy with a broken arm! He was so tough and brave through it all. And the two of us made some precious memories together!

Playing Rook with Nana and Papa

The day after the Break. Nana and Papa took the other kids away for the day, so Malachi and I stayed home all day playing games and watching movies. We had a fun bonding day!

This is what happened every time the pain meds wore off. It was so sad!

After a couple days, he was feeling much better. And I was so thankful that the meds didn't make him tired or groggy.

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